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This happens to be a specialty of mine. Due to my experience and know-how, I offer this service at an extremely competitive rate while not compromising on a quality finish. Get in touch to learn more.

Looking for something different to add a personal touch to a space. Think about mosaic tile artwork.
Used for centuries, mosaic tile artwork has graced ancient Roman walls (where they are still seen today) to modern buildings. These artworks add a personal touch for individuals.

There are different styles. One common style is tesserate, that is the broken piece design seen with the majority of DIY. Then there is the mosaic which was a common style in ancient Rome, small pieces in certain shades placed to make a design. Finally there is tile art, this is the utilization of different types of ceramic and porcelain tiles of different thicknesses cut into shapes to design works of art. Tile art also includes tiles with impressions stamped or manufactured with designs (these are usually mass produced) this is something we don't do.

Check Out Our Mosaic Page For Completed and In Progress Mosaic Arts

Marble, porcelain, glass, natural stone, special handmade tile and an amethyst geo stone.

With Stone Dragon Tile Arts we utilize tile art with shaped tile to make custom and unique pieces. We also do some mixed media tile arts. Our mosaics are fabricated in house from concept to design utilizing many processes. From making the vinyl template to cutting and shaping each piece on a wet saw and ring saw, it can be a long process before the final piece is completed. Some pieces can be duplicated, but as we hand shape every tile piece there is a chance it will not be exactly the same.

Our finished pieces can be framed as artwork to be hung on walls or displayed on easels. Depending upon materials used (type of tile) pieces can be used for shower/wet areas and floors. Most of the pieces can be scribed into tiled areas such as backsplashes, shower cubbies, feature walls and flooring.

"Add something unique with a kitchen backsplash….maybe a custom mosaic olive tree behind the stove. So while you're cooking you can look at it and smile."

Recent Mosaic arts Projects


Pamela Clanton

This company has integrity and pride in their work. Robert is a true craftsman. This is the second shower and bathroom he has done for me.


Roger Christian

Great artist and person. Does incredible tile work. Capable of being as creative as needed. Mosaics are his real passion. He can creat a custom art piece for your backsplash or shower cubby. Challenge him and you be amazed at the results.


Emily Szabo

Robert and Silvia were professional, easy to communicate with, and efficient. After having a bad experience with a local "contractor", we knew we wanted someone with credible experience and proper training to tile our bathroom floor, kitchen backsplash, and outdoor patio. Robert is a true professional and artist who takes great pride in his work! He and Silvia were honest about costs, true to their word about the timeline, and have even reached out to make sure we were happy weeks after they completed the job. I wish I remembered the actual term for the training Robert has, but he follows the technical rules and guidelines for the tiling industry. Once we finish painting the rooms, I will update this review with pictures. We were so happy we found Robert and Silvia and will definitely go straight to them with any tiling needs in the future!


FB Washington

They did beautiful work and made my bathroom the nicest room in the house. I had high hopes and they exceeded my expectations. I can't wait for them to work on other projects!



Robert was incredibly patient and responsive with installing the tile flooring in 2 of our bathroom remodels. He was tenacious and patient in his work of the tile surround in our remodeled bath as well. The tile selected was wavy and the grout joints/intersections difficult to complete in straight lines due to the dark contrasting grout color. He was able to create a new method of silicone application in the corners to allow the grout to appear straight. Wow!


Jim Voss

Creative and eye for detail.

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